"Carrying paper, black carbon and litho ink on my walk, I jump on every manhole cover around Greenville - South Carolina - for my rubbings"

Greenville is currently my playground; I never know what will be my artwork before coming across a manhole cover, a sign, a ghost sign on a wall, the rough of the road… I explore every common thing and especially letters we don’t pay attention to. These patterns, rhythms, letters and signage fascinate me. To support contrast, repetition of lines, curves and rhythm I use intense black carbon, like an ode to old black and white street photography. I have an intuitive way of working by rubbing, scraping or scratching my soft paper on the floor where I feel every asperity, every rough patch and texture.

When I return from my “urban trail”, I need time to process and, sometimes months later, I experiment with the confusion between typography and translating it into a drawing.  I reinvent the picture of a city, street or neighborhoods by interlacing all kind of signs, hand-lettering, pictograms… like a travel diary full of unexpected events.

I was born in Mulhouse, France, in 1976.  I graduated with honors at the art/design school, Le Quai in 2000. For 14 years, I created and led art workshops for the disabled at different institutions in France, Finland and Canada. All these years I had a very personal and social way of sharing the expression of art and music with people in great difficulty.

After three kids and a move to Greenville, SC in January 2014, I returned to my art work, but this time working for myself.  Inspired by my new home town as well as the whole United States that I crossed several times, I am always on the road, looking with a sharp eye for the subject of my next piece.  I am fascinated by everything from letters and typography, to manhole design, neon signs and road signs.



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